Monday, January 11, 2010

James Perse Window Display

Marc Atlan Design Inc., has been making window displays for James Perse since 2006. Take a look at the sublime work of Marc Atlan below (all pictures from


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Before anyone did anything, Evisu did everything

A very anticipated comeback is on its way. The seagull denim from Japan, Evisu, has teamed up with denim guru, the founder of Paper Denim and Earnest Sewn, Scott Morrison. It already appears as the perfect match. From our previous experience with Earnest Sewn, we know that the products will be as good as anything out there. We recognize the same product feel, and the rumours tell that both the fittings and washes are amazing. We are glad to announce that Blender Agency will represent Evisu in the Scandinavian market as from 2010. We still have our old raw denims from Evisu in the closet, and can't wait to get hold of the new ones.

Evisu SS10

Evisu is the first true collectible “purist denim” brand in the world, introducing casual denim wearers across the globe to connoisseur-quality Japanese selvedge denim and custom distressing. Evisu plays a pivotal role in the history of denim, the brand that many credit for starting the Japanese “Replica Movement” which in turn, birthed the premium denim category we know today.

Evisu SS10

In 1988, Hidehiko Yamane, an avid denim collector, importer, and tailor by trade, set out to replicate the American classic 1944 Levi’s 501 with an obsessive attention to detail. He founded Evisu in 1991 in Osaka, Japan, naming the company after the Japanese god of prosperity, who is sometimes playfully portrayed on the label. Evisu is one of the five unofficial members of what most people in the denim industry know as ‘the Osaka Five’; the five most influential and respected denim brands in Japanese denim history.

For 2010, in preparation for the new decade and the commeration of Evisu’s 20th anniversary, the design baton for Evisu was passed to American designer Scott Morrison. The overall rebranding and updated style changes of the new 2010 collections reflect Scott Morrison’s signature approach to denim. Morrison is considered by many as a pioneer in the denim world, founding and designing both Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn. With his arrival at Evisu, he and his team have brought a renewed focus to denim, fit and wash, as well as an updated approach to Evisu the international brand.

Evisu Woman SS10

The Seagull
The famous hand-painted Evisu “Kamome” (“Seagull” in Japanese) logo on the back pocket was a reference to the Levi’s 1944 printed ‘Arcuate’ logo, which for a 9 month period during WWII, had to be printed instead of sewn due to US government restrictions on thread and other materials essential to the war effort. Over time, the hand-painted logos chipped and faded as the denim became more and more distressed - each jean becoming an individually distinctive, and collectible, one of a kind item.

The “Seagull” logo has evolved a great deal over the past 20 years, and once again we’ve decided to update the iconic seagull. Basing the newest incarnation of the logo on a found example of an early 1990’s original hand-painted design, the new, thinner ‘less is more’ gull.
The lines Scott and his staff will present will be Evisu, Evisu Genes and Private Stock. In addition there will be a more fashion oriented line called Stylecraft. We have just reveived the first pictures of the FW10 woman collection, and the pictures are looking very promising (see below).

Evisu will most definitelly find it's way to a store near you within 2010. We hope you are as excited as we are.

Evisu SS10

Best wishes for 2010,