Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Diemme is a shoe factory and brand located in Montebelluna, a small town in the northeastern part of Italy which is widely regarded as one of the most dominant areas for production and research of technical and performance footwear. 75 % percent of the world’s ski boots are produced in or around Montebelluna, which has a local footwear industry that dates back to the 1870s when local shoemakers began making boots for woodcutters and mountain people in the area. It is a small town with about 30000 inhabitants, but there is a strong local support sector which inclueds local tanneries, shoelace makers and eyelet suppliers. ”Made in Montebelluna” is practically a trademark in itself as the town has a reputation for high standard of craftsmanship and quality materials.

The founders of Diemme, brothers Dennis and Maico, had both been working with shoe production and research their entire life when they decided to start their own company in 1992. In addition to their own collections, Diemme produces footwear for other labels as well, in particular in Japan where they have produced for a wide variety of brands and retail chains. Due to the local presence of fabric, sole and hardware suppliers, Diemme are able to produce limited runs of handmade products with superior components to a highly competitive price.

The leather is of exceptional quality, soles are mainly from Vibram, and above all the products are exceptionally light and comfortable. You can truly feel and see the quality and incredible attention to detail when you study the products up close. Diemme specialize in high mountain, hunting, trekking and safety footwear, and have now partnered up with Blender Agency to release limited collections in unique colourways.

Diemme will be available in a store near you, from this August. For retail or wholesale inquiries, please contact us at info@blenderagency.com