Monday, October 02, 2006


In May, the Blender crew went to NYC to gather inspiration, shop and attend a few business meetings. We stayed at the cool Maritime Hotel in Meetpacking District, and cleverly enough only a few meters from POP Burger. Pop 'til you drop! Stine and Mats finally got to see the trading post of our friends at Earnest Sewn, An Earnest Cut & Sew, and they got to catch up with their good friend Simen, who's spending his days at W Hotels HQ's. Shopping-wise, Stine got here beloved Stam bag from Marc Jacobs, and the boys all bought themselves those white Varvatos Jack Purcell's. Thank you Scoop!

A nice trip to New York, and in the aftermath, a few new brands were signed together with our Swedish partner, MnO InternationalPosted by Picasa


æLÆn said...

Ooh...The Maritime... Matsuri... Hiro... *dreamy eyes*

marius said...

så du hakke trua...??? ha.
det er jo rått da din rotte, men du er jo så streit vettu. :P