Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We love Goyard!


First of all, it is time for a concession. To be quite honest, this blog project hasn't been all that. We are currently too busy for our own good, and blogging doesn't seem to be our number one priority. But, in the end of the day, it is not too time demanding to publish a few pictures from Picasa, so we will try to get our act together.

Today we just want to tell you that we love Goyard. The French packaging case and trunk maker, has been in business since 1853, and is a real bastion within its field.

The last few years rising demand for Goyard, has been supported by the co-op with Japan's Mastermind (only sold through Loveless, Tokyo). Moreover, Colette will be doing a co-op to support their 10 years anniversary. If you don't know Goyard, head over to Goyard.com, and educate yourself.


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marius said...

updates er du ikke så veldig kjent for.

busy med å telle alle lappene med 1000 tallet på?