Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Travelogue # New York

Last week a bunch of us went to New York. Kyrre, Magnus, Erlend, Mats and Fanny (of Secret Society) escaped Oslo for a few days, for some business meetings, and some pleasure. Besides meeting with our partners from Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang, we had a few beers with Flavio and Peter from Common Projects (and their better halfs), BBQ'ed at Scott Morrison's flat (founder of Earnest Sewn, now CEO of Evisu), met our friend Reed from Marc Jacobs, and had lunch with Brendan Babenzien (Supreme, Aprix). In addition we met a few brands that we might start working with in the near future, and stumpled upon a magazine shopping Alex Wang on the street. Below if a few photos from the trip.

Hudson River view, from Maritime Hotel. The new Apple store in Meetpacking. Pop Burger is a favourite of ours.

Standard Hotel New York. Erlend and Kyrre "strolling" in Meetpacking

We don't represent Earnest Sewn anymore, still we have to admit that their stores are some of the best retail spaces around.

Pastis, a Brooklyn-ized London cab, Brooks Brothers' Black Fleece store, and the Jack Spade store at Bleecker Street.

Various moods from our hotel, The Maritime Hotel.

Fanny and Erlend's breakfast at La Bottega (Martime Hotel).

BBQ at Scott's place. Scott is now the CEO of Evisu, and tried to persuade us that our bottoms were looking a whole lot better with the Evisu E all over.

Could we possibly not go in here? Juicy Couture was our first major brand at Blender Agency, and it is still doing very well in our market. It may not be the new black anymore, but it still tastes like sugar. Great store at Bleecker Street.

We got to know Reed at the opening of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Copenhagen store, in 2007. Since then, we have met him while visiting New York, and this time he invited us to his home. Reed is the guy behind all the special items (value for money products) you find in most Marc Jacobs around the world (wallets, rubbet boots, umbrellas, etc). Quite an interesting position in the market of today. Along us were also Jamie, who's Fanny and Magnus' friend from back in the days. Jamie has got a master in New York nightlife, so she came in handy on several occasions.

Sunday in Willamsburg, Brooklyn.

Kyrre and Brendan, having a beer and discussing business at Juliette's in Willamsburg. Brendan, by the way, is married to Norwegian actress Sofie Cappelen, and spend his summers in Kragerø.

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