Friday, August 07, 2009

Brand profile | Jack Spade

JACK SPADE began in a warehouse on Warren Street in 1996. It grew out of an idea that useful items, in this case bags, could be both utilitarian and stylish. We started using waxwear fabrics and heavy canvas to make a few bags for friends. Over time we received feedback on the bags, made changes, and developed a line of straightforward shapes. Then it occurred to us—why not sell bags to hardware stores and get feedback from people who really use utility bags? Our first JACK SPADE bag was sold to a hardware store in 1997. The distinct identity of JACK SPADE soon made apparent the need for a freestanding retail store. Opened in December 1999 at 56 Greene Street in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, the JACK SPADE store reflects the company’s aesthetic. The unique 500 square foot space houses sturdy men’s bags, clothing, accessories, books and curiosities.

Jack Spade is the latest addition to our brand family, and a very anticipated such, in terms of product quality, origin and brand image. In addition, Jack Spade complements the existing menswear portfolio of Common Projects, Our Legacy and Lyle & Scott. Their approach to fashion is almost impudently in line with the menswear trend of 2009, and we are certain their basis will help the brand to grow into a major menswear player for the future. 

Jack Spade was founded by Andy Spade, Kate Spade's husband. Head over to Interview Magazine for an interesting interview with Andy, a true creative business man, on his newly founded ad-agency. 

There are certain products that men everywhere turn to for reliability and inherent style. Military-issue chino pants, Timex watches, Lacoste shirts, Levi’s, oxford cloth shirts—all represent the proverbial “real McCoy.” Most were originally created 
to serve a purpose—chinos for the military, Levi’s for the workman, Lacoste shirts for the sportsman. Mass marketers have taken the concept of these items and produced lesser products for the sake of fashion. Remember when the only great chino pant you could buy was made of heavy canvas and sold exclusively in Army/Navy stores? Unfortunately, few of these originals still exist.

We’ve always appreciated companies like J. Press, Levi’s, Barbour and even Oxxford Clothing for being great companies that make useful items for men. The products these companies manufacture have style because the designs have a reason for being. With these products as inspiration, we created JACK SPADE. We want to return to this approach, once again offering men items that represent both honest, thoughtful design and practical purpose.

You will be able to purchase Jack Spade from the finest Scandinavian menswear dealer, from February 2010.

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